Wotans Throne – Laminated Sticker


Wotans Throne – 4″ x 4.5″ Laminated Sticker!

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Wotans Throne- Laminated Sticker – BadHippieCo.

Wotans Throne, a huge plateau sky island just off of Cape Royal point in the Grand Canyon. You cant help but recognize this formation, and cant help but stand in awe of its spectacularism. It may look as though it’s just a stones throw away, but when you try to penetrate the canyon, find your way to the top, you may find that its not as easy as it seems. Just 12 visits and 12 years truly indicates the sheer effort it takes to reach its summit, and obtain some of the best views in the canyon. When the suns golden rays hit its westerly face just before the canyon goes to sleep, you get blasted with a show of technicolor it really requires an in person view to truly appreciate. I’ve tried to capture it here, the best I can in “Wu-Tang’s Throne”

Wotans Throne – 4″ x 4.5″ Laminated Sticker!


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